Crashing Rhythms #02 mixed by Leisan


Leisan is a DJ artist from Russia, currently residing in Los Angeles, California. She started as a DJ throwing underground raves for Post Soviet community in Los Angeles. She also often played at various independent desert festivals in California. Currently, you can see Leisan playing disco house in popular local bars and music venues. As a natural dancer and raver herself she enjoys bringing joyful sounds that uplift your spirit and make you want to dance all night. Despite her bright personality, as a truly Eastern European soul, her favorite genre is techno. She enjoys exploring darker, underground sounds and implementing that energy into her sensual and melodic house sets. On her YouTube channel Leisan regularly posts her live sets from LA most picturesque and authentic places like skate parks, deserts and other open venues. She is releasing her first track under the German label ZEHN records this fall.