Crashing Rhythms #48 mixed by Mila Rubio


Mila Rubio is a music producer and DJane with over 12 years of experience. She produces music in the style of melodic/progressive and techno. As a special guest headliner, she performed at the FIFA 2018 after-party in Russia and is included in the list of the Top 10 DJs of Russia 2019, according to […]

Crashing Rhythms #47 mixed by Diaphoros


Felipe Sanchez Aguila, also known by his stage name DIAPHOROS, is a DJ from Mexico. DIAPHOROS is born in Cuautla, in the state of Morelos, he discovered his passion for music and decided to delve into this field. With certifications in audio engineering, DJ mixing and music production at the prestigious GMartell University (2019) and […]

Crashing Rhythms #45 mixed by Oshi


OSHI is a melodic techno DJ and sound producer from Ukraine, based in Barcelona. She moves people with her interesting combinations of sensual vocals and oriental deep motifs with the powerful groove of techno. During her work in the electronic music scene, she has managed to establish herself as a professional and gained recognition from […]

Crashing Rhythms #44 mixed by Taly Shum

Taly Shum

Taly Shum is a successful DJ and sound producer from Ukraine, specializing in Melodic Techno, Progressive House, and Indie Dance genres. Her releases on labels such as Bunny Tiger, Area Verde, Bassmatic, DTL, La Mishka, and Capital Heaven have reached top positions in the Beatport TOP 100 in each genre. Her EP “Cool as Silver” […]

Crashing Rhythms #28 mixed by Beki M

Beki M

Beki M is based in Budapest, Hungary. Music has always played a great deal in her life, so in 2017 makes the nal desicion to become a DJ. Not much time after audiences in Slovakia and Transylvania (Romania), and at most clubs in Hungary are widely proving, that Beki has made the perfect choise. In […]

Crashing Rhythms #06 mixed by Agata Angel

Agata Angel

Born in Vilnius, Lithuania, resident in Spain, former Fashion TV model, this talented and sophisticated international DJ with a great capacity and ability to mix the music makes the staging of her set elegant and very attractive to the ear. Passionate about bringing her sessions to perfection, Agata Angel considers herself a DJ in love […]

Crashing Rhythms #03 mixed by Jess Varela

Jess Varela

She is not just a whirlwind behind the decks; Dj Jess Varela is also a Mexican talented musician, starting her career in 1997 at the National Music School in Mexico City, enrolled during three years to the Bachelor of Music as a woodwind student, playing the Clarinet. She drives the dance floor wild and crazy […]

Crashing Rhythms #02 mixed by Leisan


Leisan is a DJ artist from Russia, currently residing in Los Angeles, California. She started as a DJ throwing underground raves for Post Soviet community in Los Angeles. She also often played at various independent desert festivals in California. Currently, you can see Leisan playing disco house in popular local bars and music venues. As […]