Crashing Rhythms #32 mixed by Audiocolours


Two best friends (Miha & Lenart) are hiding behind the Audiocolours name, both coming from Skofja Loka, Slovenia. They both had many different musical influences in their childhood, but they share one passion from the very beginning: electronic music. As soon as they could, they went to their first festival, and then the next, and […]

Crashing Rhythms #30 mixed by Kamie Jannuzzi

Kamie Jannuzzi

Kamie Jannuzzi explores in art her multiple potentialities. Besides being a DJ, Kamie is a circus artist and fire performer. She has been working not only on stage but also behind it, producing events and audiovisual experiments for about 10 years. Of chameleonic nature, reinventing herself is a natural part of her artistic journey. The […]

Crashing Rhythms #20 mixed by Goose Tann

Goose Tann

Goose Tann is a rising Producer, DJ & Remixer, born and raised in Beirut/Lebanon. He started producing in 2012, and has been dedicated to create a unique energetic experience in his music with a solid Cosmic & Future touch. His work slowly started to get recognized and featured by international platforms and brands like Mixmag, […]

Crashing Rhythms #02 mixed by Leisan


Leisan is a DJ artist from Russia, currently residing in Los Angeles, California. She started as a DJ throwing underground raves for Post Soviet community in Los Angeles. She also often played at various independent desert festivals in California. Currently, you can see Leisan playing disco house in popular local bars and music venues. As […]