Crashing Rhythms #43 mixed by Lexa


LEXA is a female talent, born in the city of Bogotá, drummer, DJ and music producer. She is identified with atmospheric, spiritual, rich and psychedelic sounds. She creates irreverent curves, powerful mixes and sounds from another planet.

Undoubtedly she is an artist with a clear international projection, she has participated in prestigious raves in Colombia and Argentina; she focuses on directing her own style and expresses herself with real feeling, believing that there are no limits when it comes to making music.

Lexa has been seen in the most important clubs of the capital. The founder of Another Planet Collective, she is proud of her gender and promotes female talent by collaborating with DJs and producers of the country, trying to create her own label that motivates girls from all over the world to show their talent and bring new and innovative music to the public.