Crashing Rhythms #40 mixed by QOMA


QOMA a musician, whose soul is given to the underground since childhood, an artist with an endless fuse of creative energy. Plunges into the sounds to the depth, prefers live-remixing of the usual tracks, right during the set changes the sound of your music library in real time, which in the end every time sounds new. Promoter of copyright events-NO PANIC/IT’S ONLY A TEST.

QOMA (participant of the largest electronic festival of electronic music System 1.0 / ARSENAL, St. Petersburg), participant of the largest electronic festival of Russia MECHANICS 10 years (Ekaterinburg) 2017. Signed labels: Lou-Lou Records, Bunny Tiger, MoonShake Records, Cubek Records, Whoystro, Crossworld Music, GARAGE SOUND SYSTEM, Kubu music, Frucht, Deep Tech Records, ONOFF Recording, MTDN Audio.