Crashing Rhythms #39 mixed by Alf and Mafflab

Alf & Mafflab are a duo of Mexican DJs and producers. They have shared the stage with artists such as: Øostil, Iñigo Vontier, Roderic, Flor Capistrán, Zombies in Miami, Bufi, Tiempo De Maldad, Kris Berle, Mosher, among others. Mafflab began his artistic career in the Caribbean and Alf in Germany, they met on Mexico City and it was where their passion for electronic music united them. This combination of styles and influences makes them have a unique sound, mixing the best of two cultures, transmitting it on the dance floor with their sets full of energy and movement, always accompanied by the best musical selection.

  1. Carbon – Don’t wanna sleep

  2. Belocca, Hellomonkey & Dan – Awakening

  3. Mateo Gaga – Mirage

  4. Aardy & Shaun Moses – Lamentations

  5. Mauro Somm & Unlighted – Access Floor ( Zerotonine Remix)

  6. Bendtsen – Savage

  7. Clap Codex – Ashes & Snow

  8. Andre Winter – Time Out

  9. Loni – Loneliness (Gabenz Remix)

  10. Timmo – Resonance

  11. Kaspar – Follow Me

  12. Victor Ruiz – Freedom

  13. Murat Ugurlu – Dark Side