Crashing Rhythms #38 mixed by C.7even


C.7even likes to spit big sounds, but only in the form of music. Intelligent sound paired with sophistication from the beginning to the end of your sets are no coincidence, but pure intention. She inspires with a continuous flow that invites you to dance. Rolling basses move between fine sequences, hissing hi-hats and whipping snares. What counts for them is the moment, this special feeling, the fusion of space, sound and the crowd.

Whether warm up, peak time or afterhour, in a dark club or outdoors on a festival stage. She has the right tracks for every hour, without bending musically. A multifaceted spectrum in techno is important to her, because she is constantly reinventing herself and reflecting this in the form of her live sets and podcasts.

She has already played as support for acts from the scene such as The Advent, Heiko Laux, A.Paul or Klaudia Gawlas in Frankfurt, Berlin, Stuttgart, Mannheim and other places all over Germany. Qualitative sound combined with electrifying sound worlds far away from space and time, music that moves more than a thousand words.

  1. Ignez – Celestial / Token

  2. Holden Federico – As Infinite / SK_Eleven

  3. Marco Bailey – Respond / On Edge Society

  4. Franz Jager, Egotot – Oceanspace / Room Trax

  5. Mechanic Freakz – Cigolio (Koschka Remix) / Dreizehn Schallplatten

  6. Pig&Dan – Foundation (Mark Reeve Remix) / Fervour

  7. Ike Dusk – Decoded Identity (Matrixxman Remix) / Codec 992

  8. Das Ton – Tri-Clops One

  9. Das Ton – Transmitter

  10. Blanka – The Fall / Room Trax

  11. Suicide In Paradise – When The Hurt Is Over / Be As One

  12. Eric Fetcher – OC24.3 / Symbolism

  13. Florian Meindl – Going Outside (Arte Concert Live cut) / FLASH Recordings

  14. MARCEL RUEW – Octa Milla / Physical Techno Recordings

  15. Richard Cleber – Secret Rave (Alberto Ruiz Remix) / Unity Records

  16. Marco Bruno – Runaway / Symbolism

  17. Rødhad – Mental Strength / WSNWG

  18. JXTPS, Lucky Pereira – Hive / Planet Rhythm

  19. Raul Young – Morning Prophet / Materia

  20. Manuel Di Martino – The World is Changing / Dynamic Reflection