Crashing Rhythms #37 mixed by Angelika Khaydar


Angelika Khaydar – DJ and Artist of Russian-Arab origin. Born in Kovrov, lives in Moscow, the second homeland – Lebanon, with all her heart in Europe.

She feels an urgent need to transform her own energy and infinite potential into art. Besides being a DJ, Angelika is an Architect, Interior & Graphic Designer, Amateur Photographer, does ceramics and loves dancing. Her path is an endless struggle of yin and yang opposites, which gives rise to movements that creates something beautiful every day. Music is a way to show the versatility and ambiguity of the world. «Music for me is a language and language is a way of expressing one`s thoughts. The more signs, letters, words you know, the more beautiful will be your speech. Sounds collected in one composition with soul, idea and love turn into music and already out of my music collection I create DJ Sets».

Through the constant stream of quality and offbeat mixes (ZRadio, ElectroPunk Radio, Radio Vyshka, LWE & Mr. Afterparty DJ Contest and others) and online streaming (M.A.P., MI RUS Promo & DJ Studio, Twitch, Online Sessions), she begins to make a name for herself in the underground circles, as well as the event scene. The sound of her DJ Sets and Mixes is so diverse that Angelika can be called a truly music lover and musical enthusiast with the finest selection. The musical spectrum balances on the verge of durability: from deep house to minimal techno, from organic house to melodic house, from house to peak techno & acid, from breaks to tech house, from disco to hip hop & trap and that’s just a small part of what she plays.

Her DJ Sets are a kinetic combination of pulsing techno, incendiary house, breakbeats and abstract compositions united by a predominantly electronic sound. Each Set is a story that gathers the whole palette of emotions and their dialogue is supported by phrases and names of the tracks that are also not accidental. Most often this story is based on real events, although elements of utopia and dreams are also present here. For Angelika is not so important when the track came out and what style it has, the main thing is the energy, the message, the harmonic component, the melody, the vocal parts, the nerve that makes the music memorable.

Angelika is already showing signs of becoming a unique and one-of-a-kind artist along her path to music.

Angelika’s eternal creative spirit has led her to create podcast “ANGEL & DEVIL” in style of house and techno with special episodes. This podcast is about changing our role in society and in life in general. «As our lives go on we observe duality in everything, especially in our personality». And she invites listeners «should not pretend to be someone else just be yourself», since they will have the opportunity «to reveal all “facets” of their identity» and music will help them to do that. She reflected this concept of the podcast in its intro. Choose for yourself: who you are today, because every day we can be new, create our own reality.

Thanks to her love for experiments and profound depth knowledge of music she has created two online streams «Saturday Morning Tea» and «Hot Friday with Angie». Each episode takes place in a new location and you never know what it will be: sculpture workshop, natural place, home, hotel, bedroom, bathroom, balcony… She is unpredictable and that`s what makes her personality even more interesting.

  1. Dax J – Orlok’s Symphony (Original Mix) [Monnom Black]

  2. VIGILE – TIP$Y (Original Mix) [Carouse]

  3. Tygapaw – Facety (Original Mix) [NAAFI]

  4. Kristina Kathana – Fake Dj (Original Mix) [Samay Records]

  5. Cores – Oxbow (Original Mix) [Gamb]

  6. Rephate – Tbilisi (Original Mix) [Gomboc Records]

  7. Nova Cheq – Dopamine Domain (Original Mix) [CARE4LIFE]

  8. Umwelt – Generation One (Original Mix) [Monnom Black]

  9. Kaylyn – Your Wildest Dream (The slick bass remix by CJ Bolland) [Gamb]

  10. Fracture & Sam Binga – Folds (Original Mix) [Astrophonica]

  11. Joey Beltram – Metro (Original Mix) [Tresor Records]

  12. LSDXOXO – Love In Allegianc (Original Mix) [Tresor Records]

  13. William Arist – San Luis (Yant Remix) [Liberta Records]

  14. An Avrin – Plata (Sonia Calico Remix) [Scuffed Recordings]

  15. Nikki Nair – Eyes On You (Original Mix) [n goes to infinity]

  16. Vladimir Dubyshkin – Deaf Artist (Original Mix) [Trip Recordings]

  17. Thomas Schumacher – This Is The Cold Weather (Original Mix) [Spiel-Zeug Schallplatten]

  18. ID – ID

  19. Nikki Nair & DJ ADHD – Mountain (Original Mix) [n goes to infinity]

  20. Vladimir Dubyshkin – The Return Of The Drunken Son (Original Mix) [Trip Recordings]

  21. Umwelt – Brightness Falls From The Air (Original Mix) [Monnom Black]

  22. SWART – Everything Will Be Better (Original Mix) [VAGUE]