Crashing Rhythms #31 mixed by Shirokov


Shirokov’s Jedi way has begun in childhood with music school and piano, and the new round was in in the distant 1995, when the Technics were always in the clubs, while the CD-players were still rare; when the music was sold only in specialized stores on vinyl, CDs and cassettes… Since then, his musical style, dear to the heart of electronic music adherents, has been transformed and perfected. Today, every mix is an exciting journey into a parallel world full of mysterious sounds, unexpected transitions, classical music and magical vibrations. The range of musical preferences includes techhouse, house and minimal.

  1. Martin M – Monday Off (Freestyle Edit)
  2. Marc Karsten – Delirium (Alex Troubetzkoy Remix)
  3. Alci – Low Functioning
  4. John R!se – Caviale (Olivian Nour Remix)
  5. Hippex – Drowning By The Light
  6. Traumer – Espala
  7. Tripmastaz – No Grind – No Fish To Find
  8. Komasa – Fog
  9. Rares Romanov – Precis vei stiv2 (Original Mix)
  10. Michael McDonald – I Keep (Hutch’s Jus Nowhere Edit)
  11. Mariin – Accelerated Levels Of Speed
  12. Margaret Dygas – Frankly (Macarie Edit)