Crashing Rhythms #29 mixed by Ire Dreamer

Ire Dreamer

Hailing from Milan, the Ire Dreamer Italian visited at a young age the most historic nightclubs and raves in Italy, where she discovered house, underground and techno music.

While at the University, she got closer to the clubs by working as PR and event organizer. She collaborated with almost all the clubs in Milan where she met many famous DJs. Through their friendship she became very passionate about their work, style and personality. That was the moment when she imagined herself becoming a DJane too.

However, in a later period, she chose to follow the jobs that best suited her studies, achieving a great professional career in the fashion field.

The music and the image of her as a DJane have always remained in her heart and mind, so in 2018 she decided to attend the DJ course at R12, the electronic music academy in Milan, where she becomes even more passionate about her genre, techno.

After the academy, her first experiences began with friends parties and private parties in Milan. She started producing tracks and composing vocals.

She collaborated with other producers and released her tracks on labels like Jannowitz Records, Studio3000 Records, Natura Viva Black, Gain Records and Boiler Underground Records.

She launched her podcast series “Diva” and recently her new radio show “We are the Dreamers”. She also started some important collaborations with international radios and podcast platforms.

Her plans are to continue with the tracks production, vocals composition, DJ set collaborations, live streamings and performing in the clubs in Italy and abroad.

  1. Martin Costas, Gabriel Gil – Auriga – [Black Snake Recordings]
  2. Perpetual Universe, Dual DeStress – Chariots of the Gods – [Limbo Records]
  3. Clap Codex, Patrick Scuro – Elysium – [Alaula Music]
  4. Genix – Let It Go (Extended Mix) – [Anjunabeats]
  5. PLERI – Beyond The Lines – [Reload Records]
  6. MAÜR GULO – The Goddness Of The Moon (Hanstler Remix) – [Underground Records]
  7. Anders Reitz – Low Density – [Homesick Music]
  8. Yves Deruyter – The Rebel (Push Rework) – [Bonzai Classics]
  9. Roger Lavelle – Tonight – [Orange Recordings]
  10. Luca Morris, Mozzy Rekorder – Idioteque – [Limbo Records]
  11. GrooveANDyes, Lautaro Gabioud – Saw Fussion (Bastet Remix) –
    [Make me Fly]