Crashing Rhythms #26 mixed by Jennifer Kaps

Jeniffer Kaps

Born in Offenbach am Main and raised in a rural idyll, Jennifer Kaps now lives in the Westerwald between Frankfurt and Cologne. Already as a teenager the tapes on the ghetto blaster loaded with electronic music and impressed by the mixing arts of hip hoppers, a few years passed when the interest in electronic music rekindled and Jenny found the entry into the Goa/Psy scene, where she enjoyed herself with Cd’s. Around the same time, two turntables and a mixer came into her life and so the Westerwälderin taught herself the dexterity of the record player. In 2009 it was then so far, and it went with the learned know how and the appropriate vinyls on the first techno parties. This musical career already shows that Jenny can not be pinned down musically. Even though she is clearly dedicated to electronic music today, her repertoire is wide-ranging. She convinces not only by your nice nature, but clearly by your sound. From relaxed house and groovy tech house to driving techno, she masters the different genres of electronic music without being arbitrary.

Today, in addition to vinyl’s, she is mainly equipped with various midi controllers or timecode vinyl. That finds also supraregional pleases. Because the aspiring artist is now booked nationwide. She was allowed to prove her skills at well-known events. In clubs like the legendary Berlin Tresor, the Cologne Kunstpark, Gleis 9 in Bremen, the BKI on the Hamburg Reeperbahn or festivals like the Electro Magnetic in Völklinger Hütte near Saarbrücken or the “Back to the roots” in the Berlin M.I.K.Z. and many more. So the journeys go across the Federal Republic. Always with them, a fat portion of ” Gude Laune “and great tracks to be able to send their audience on a small journey. That she runs out of breath at some point is not to be feared so soon, because the nature lover prefers to recharge her empty batteries out in nature – whether fishing or on a forest excursion with her dog – the perfect balance to the long, loud and smoky party nights in droning techno clubs. We can be curious. The little lady is always ready for new deeds.