Crashing Rhythms #19 mixed by Bultech


Anton Andonov, also known as Bultech is a Bulgarian DJ and producer from Sliven. After many years of wandering between music genres, Bultech finally found his musical identity as a Techno producer in late 2019. During that year, he collaborated with Phoenix movement and won the award for best remix in a contest held by Beatport. This effectively jumpstarted Bultech’s Techno career. Later in 2020, he managed to produce original tracks and remixes for popular labels such as: Phobos Records, Rubik Recordings, Phobia Music Recordings, U.F.O. Recordings, Music4Aliens, Subios Records, Infekted Records and managed to hold down the 70th spot on Beatport’s TECHNO TOP 100 with his track “Extazy”. Earlier this year, Bultech once again earned a spot on Beatport’s coveted TECHNO TOP 100 with his new track “Spice”, which managed to climb all the way to 11th place.

In 2022 he released the collaboration track #Cryptography with Shadowmaw, which hit 3th position on TOP 100 Techno on Beatport. The artist also hosts his signature, monthly, one-hour podcast – “Technography by Bultech”, where he mixes only the hottest and newest Techno tracks. During the years Bultech has played alongside many accomplished artists, such as: Christian Craken, Gaga & Mateo!, Nonameleft, Zafer Atabey, Bendtsen, Justs Reim, Fantoo, Ruiz Sierra, Fhaken, Phoenix Movement, Momo Dobrev, Shadowmaw, Diego Straube, Konfusia and Andro V, just to name a few. The Bulgarian producer has many upcoming releases for EXTIMA, Reload Recordings, Animarum Recordings and more.