Crashing Rhythms #41 mixed by Roma


“ROMA since 97″, aka Rodrigo Manzo, is an artist who lives and loves house music culture. ROMA showed his passion for music from an early age. His first musical starting point was his love for the Rolling Stones, Phil Collins, White Snake, Bee Gees, and more.  He discovered he liked music, but later discovered his […]

Crashing Rhythms #36 mixed by Pippina


Pippina DJ from the city of Córdoba Capital began her professional career in 2014 and has been influenced by a wide and varied style, ranging from house with a touch of dub to styles such as minimal house and tech. Their musical signature has traveled the city of Córdoba as a whole, as well as […]

Crashing Rhythms #28 mixed by Beki M

Beki M

Beki M is based in Budapest, Hungary. Music has always played a great deal in her life, so in 2017 makes the nal desicion to become a DJ. Not much time after audiences in Slovakia and Transylvania (Romania), and at most clubs in Hungary are widely proving, that Beki has made the perfect choise. In […]

Crashing Rhythms #21 mixed by Jay Hill

Jay Hill

Jay Hill is moving into an exciting new phase of her blossoming artistic career. Based in her studio in Philadelphia, the soulful city’s chilled vibes, down-to-earth attitude and serious musical history, form the perfect backdrop for an artist striving for excellence every day. Fully focused on her creativity, regardless of fluctuating world circumstances, Jay is […]

Crashing Rhythms #18 mixed by Gözde Firtina

Gözde Firtina

Gözde Firtina, whose enthusiasm for the music industry began with cassettes and CDs that her father had brought from his trips to abroad at the age of 5, started playing her first instrument, the guitar, when she was only 7 years old. With the help of her vocal training she had during her primary school […]

Crashing Rhythms #17 mixed by Tima Fei

Tima Fei

Tima Fei, is a Chicago-trained and Ukrainian-born artist, music producer, DJ with over 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry. As a marketing strategist, creative director and co-creator at NORdjs Tima had a chance to work and to be featured at some of the culturally leading settings such as; Spybar, Crobar, Sound-Bar, Ultra Festival, […]

Crashing Rhythms #16 mixed by K Y R I N A


KYRINA is Miami based musician, Dj and music producer. Her love for music she developed growing up in Ukrainian family . Where classical music education was very important. She has been effortlessly cultivating a fan base at a rate that could be defined as such thanks to her sincere nature, humorous observation on life and […]

Crashing Rhythms #07 mixed by Alibi


Alibi s innovative sets have led to a residency at the biggest pool party in San Diego, Liquid Sunshine at Hard Rock San Diego as well as opportunities to play at other top venues such as Pool House at Pendry and Insomniac’s NOVA San Diego. Also, she has played at major events with thousands in […]