Crashing Rhythms #10 mixed by Ksenia Pavlova

Ksenia Pavlova

Ksenia Pavlova combines musical styles such as Tech-house, Techno, Minimal / Deep Tech in each her set, making their sounding unforgettable and full for the audience perception that emphasizes her talent among other DJ girls. Except for having a great talent,she possesses an attractive appearance, graciousness, crazy energy that unites the audience into one piece. […]

Crashing Rhythms #06 mixed by Agata Angel

Agata Angel

Born in Vilnius, Lithuania, resident in Spain, former Fashion TV model, this talented and sophisticated international DJ with a great capacity and ability to mix the music makes the staging of her set elegant and very attractive to the ear. Passionate about bringing her sessions to perfection, Agata Angel considers herself a DJ in love […]