Crashing Rhythms #46 mixed by Moskalu


Moskalu was born in Moscow in 1986. Start of career 2005 From the very beginning, he performed in the capital’s clubs and at private parties. As it developed, it covered regions and overseas sites. In 2018, he started recording his own tracks and in 2020 released his first release “Firebird” under his own name Moskalu, […]

Crashing Rhythms #18 mixed by Gözde Firtina

Gözde Firtina

Gözde Firtina, whose enthusiasm for the music industry began with cassettes and CDs that her father had brought from his trips to abroad at the age of 5, started playing her first instrument, the guitar, when she was only 7 years old. With the help of her vocal training she had during her primary school […]

Crashing Rhythms #01 mixed by Katrina Lil

Katrina Lil

Katrina conquers the underground scenes in countries such as Cyprus, Turkey, India, Russia, Vietnam, Greece, Bulgaria, Egypt, Italy, Spain, Portugal. She toured europe in 2021, her performances are striking in their brightness and charisma. Working with the audience and fiery music combined with a bright appearance make her performances unforgettable. Globe Youtube Facebook Soundcloud Instagram […]